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Canada Anglicans Reject Blessing Same-Sex Unions

finally something good…a good sign… 

The resolution that would have enabled priests to conduct blessing ceremonies for gay couples who already married in civil ceremonies was defeated by a narrow vote. Lay and clergy delegates voted in favor while the House of Bishops voted against it. Majority rule is required in all three orders – laity, clergy, and bishops.

The vote came a day after some 300 delegates at the national meeting of the General Synod – the Anglican Church of Canada’s highest governing body – agreed that same-sex blessings do not conflict with the „core doctrines” of the church.

Both supporters and opponents call the decisions confusing, according to Winnipeg Free Press.

During the June 19-25 meeting, a full day of debate began on Saturday over the Canadian Anglicans’ view on the issue of homosexuality. Delegates were torn on the issue as some called for full acceptance and others for aligning with Scripture.

„I have come to accept that some people are ordered toward the same gender. The church needs to adjust its views. It has excluded them for too long,” said Dorothy Davies-Flindall of the diocese of Ontario, according to the church’s Anglican Journal.Canada Anglicans Reject Blessing Same-Sex Unions

Expressing opposition to homosexual practice, Bishop Larry Robertson of the Arctic said, „Homosexual behavior is not in line with Scripture of my prayer book. We can call it sin. My desire is for people to be whole and come back into line with God’s will.”

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