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cel mai important lucru despre SUA

Care este cel mai important lucru despre SUA? 

Dumnezeu si libertatea au raspuns majoritatea artisitilor crestini chestionati asupra acestei intrebari. 

Rochester, NYThe greatest thing is that the ones who began this nation were seeking after God’s will and blessing. Throughout its history, there have continued to be millions of others who have also relied on God to lead them. Currently, it seems that the percentage of Americans seeking God has gone down. Still though, that smaller group of strong believers represents what’s still America‘s greatest quality.

Singer/songwriter Clay Crosse The greatest thing about America is: FREEDOM

Singer/songwriter Steve Camp The best thing about being an American is freedom. To be able to say, think, believe, do (within certain perimeters) whatever we would like. Unfortunately, the worst thing about being an American is that this same freedom is available to some people who abuse their freedoms! Of course, cheeseburgers and „freedom fries” are a plus too.

Singer/songwriter Jill Parr One of the things I love about America is our heritage. We are not the purposeless people we have pictured ourselves to be. We are the next generation of a people who have lived freely and have died for that freedom. We are a people who have fought to be able to live as God designed. We are not an unattached lost people. We have a heritage and a hope. We are the defenders of the future of our children. We are the land of the free because of the brave.

Singer/songwriter Todd Agnew When I think about America, the very first thing that keeps popping into my head is „Beauty”… the people, the land and the abundance of talent that I see everyday in Americans… makes me very, very proud to be called an AMERICAN!!!

Don Guthrie, percussionist for rock group Tinman Jones Our freedom is the greatest thing; freedom to worship God, freedom to go to the church of our choice, freedom to tell others about Jesus, freedom to raise our children to love the Lord, freedom to learn and teach…I could go on and on. We take so much for granted everyday. I thank God that my family lives in America. God Bless America!

Kim Ruppe Lord, of the a cappella gospel group LordSong The greatest thing about America is we are free. Free to worship in the manner that we choose. Free to read the bible and study God’s word without someone telling us we can’t.

Libbi Perry Stuffle, of the southern gospel group The Perrys We just got back from Mexico. In light of our trip, „What’s the greatest thing about America?” Clean water, smooth roads, homes bigger than shacks, good jobs, and plenty of food and medicine.

Alby Odum, of the techno rock group Daniel’s Window McDonalds – cuz we were in India for two weeks, and there are no McDonalds. When we hit the airport in Germany we sprinted to the McDonalds in the Frankfurt Airport.  

Jason Anderson, Re:Zound , the worship band for the Living Word Bible Church in Mesa, AZ (the band releases it’s first album this summer, and takes an „aggressive approach” to worship) Too many great things to list!! We are more blessed than we know. Freedom to be the people we are is clearly NUMBER ONE.

Singer/songwritier Bob Halligan, Jr., Ceili Rain America ROCKS!!!


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