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felii din 2007 – anul despartirilor

despartire…unul din cuvintele dureroase care circula printre noi oamenii…

de ce dureros? atunci cind pleaca cineva de linga noi ne dam seama cit de multa nevoie aveam de aceea persoana…

in 2007 au fost mai mult tipuri de despartiri…in familie, in afaceri, in biserici…despartirea de cei dragi, de cei cunoscuti, de cei pe care ii stimam si ii apreciam…

S-au dus si Paler si Pittis si Ralu Filip si Pintea si Dobrin…si multi altii nestiuti si neauziti…

m-am gindit la o lista a celor de care ne-am despratit in mod fizic…a celor care au plecat de linga noi…in NordAmerica nu poti sa nu iti aduci aminte de faptul ca au plecat

Jerry Falwell, 73 de ani, May 15 | a fost pastor al unei megabiserici din Virginia si co-fondator al Liberty University. A coagulat in jurul sau majoritatea conservatoare si a avut o active implicare in a influenta political.

Ruth Bell Graham, 87 de ani, June 14 | sotia cunoscutului evanghelist Billy Graham. Nascuta in China a fost una din femeile care au stiut ca umbra este mai benefica decit lumina reflectoarelor. A fost autoare si co-autoare a 15 carti. O persoana care a avut o infleunta mare asupra celor 5 copii cit si a sotului ei.

D. James Kennedy, 76 de ani, Sept. 5 | pastor al unei biserici mari din Florida cunoscut pentru aportul sau in promovarea educatiei crestine dar si pentru sustinerea drepturilor religioase in spectrul politic American. 

William Mac Donald 90 ani, December 25 – profesor si autor de studii si carti cu continut educativ crestin;

Linga ei apar Tammy Faye Bakker Messner, 65 ani; Bruce Metzger, 93ani; Raymond C. Ortlund, 84 ani, Doug Sutphen, 70 ani; Robert E. Webber, 73 ani; Taylor McKenzie, 76 ani; John Macquarrie, 87 ani; Jarrell McCracken, 79 ani; Rex Humbard, 88 ani; Bruce R. Kennedy, 68 ani;

Lista nu i-a cuprins pe toti.

Lista ne poate cuprinde si pe noi…

„Ma asteptam la asta dar nu asa de curind” – scrie pe o piatra funerara in Anglia…  

iata o lista aproape completa a personalitatilor canidiene care au parasit existenta pamanteasca in 2007:

E.J. Hughes, 93 – Artist, who painted the landscapes of coastal B.C. for more than 70 years.Charmion King Pinsent, 81 – Actress, driving force in such seminal Canadian theatre companies as the Straw Hat Players, and directed on Broadway in 1960 by Tyrone Guthrie in Robertson Davies’ „Love and Libel.” Wife of actor Gordon Pinsent.

Anthony Meagher, 66 – Archbishop of the Roman Catholic diocese of Kingston, Ont., of cancer.

Michel Proulx, 67 – Quebec Court of Appeal judge, who was involved in several high-profile commissions including those examining the RCMP and doping in sports, of cancer.

Denny Doherty, 66 – Singer, Canadian member of the Mamas and Papas folk group, of an aneurysm in his abdomen.

James Hillier, 91 – Inventor, who helped develop and market the first commercially successful electron microscope in the United States.

Eileen Rossiter, 77 – Realtor and Conservative party member, one of the first women appointed to the Senate from Prince Edward Island.

Lloyd Francis, 86 – Former Speaker of the House of Commons and longtime Liberal member of Parliament.

Percy Saltzman, 91 – Weatherman, who was the first meteorologist employed by the CBC and first person to appear on Canadian English-language television in 1952.


Syd Shulemson, 91 – War veteran, Canada’s most highly decorated Jewish soldier of the Second World War, who helped pioneer techniques for low-level rocket attacks on enemy shipping in the North Atlantic.

Ian George Secord Keltie, 86 – War veteran, one of the few remaining Canadians to have flown a Spitfire in the Second World War.

Peter Mallon, 77 – Former Roman Catholic archbishop of Regina, of cancer.

Vince Steen, 65 – Former cabinet minister in the Northwest Territories.

Richard Curnock, 84 – Actor, who appeared in 61 productions over 22 years at the Stratford Festival, and was nominated for a Dora Mavor Moore award for his role in „Quartermaine’s Terms” at Theatre Plus.

Ryan Larkin, 63 – Acclaimed National Film Board animator whose struggle with drugs and alcohol was the subject of an Oscar-winning animated short „Ryan” in 2005.

Dermot O’Reilly, 64 – Musician, producer, songwriter, pioneer, mentor and one-third of the legendary Celtic folk band Ryan’s Fancy, of a heart attack.

Celia Franca, 85 – Legendary founder of the National Ballet of Canada.

Lloyd Clement, 107 – War veteran, who signed up at age 16 and fought in the trenches of the First World War.

Mel Swart, 87 – Long-time NDP member of the Ontario Legislature.


George Athans, 86 – Former Olympic diver, nine-time Canadian champion, double medallist (gold and silver) at the 1950 British Empire Games, who at age 15 represented Canada at the Berlin Olympics in 1936.

Doris Anderson, 85 – Former editor of Chatelaine magazine, author and campaigner for women’s rights, who was named an officer of the Order of Canada in 1974, of pulmonary fibrosis.

Robert Dickson, 62 – Franco-Ontarian poet, author, and Laurentian University professor, winner of the Governor General’s Literary Award for his compilation of poems „Humains paysages en temps de paix relative.”

Rita Joe, 75 – Known as the poet laureate of the Mi’kmaq nation, named to the Order of Canada in 1990.


John Roberts, 73 – Cabinet minister, who served as environment minister in Pierre Trudeau’s Liberal government.

Stephen Mistaken Chief, 84 – War veteran, who fought for equal benefits for aboriginal soldiers from the Second World War.

Harry Rasky, 78 – Oscar-nominated filmmaker, whose documentaries shone a light on the work of artists such as Marc Chagall, Leonard Cohen and Christopher Plummer.

Stan Daniels, 72 – Award winning film producer, who won Emmys as co-creator and executive producer for „Taxi,” and as a writer on the „Mary Tyler Moore Show,” of heart failure.

June Callwood, 82 – Prominent activist for people with AIDS, founder of the hospice Casey House in Toronto, journalist, broadcaster, writer, named an officer of the Order of Canada in 1985, of cancer.

Jack Wiebe, 70 – Farmer, former senator and lieutenant-governor of Saskatchewan.

Archie Campbell, 65 – Judge, who headed SARS and sex-killer Paul Bernardo inquiries.

Lloyd Crouse, 88 – Former Nova Scotia lieutenant-governor and member of Parliament for more than 30 years.

Bertha Wilson, 83 – Judge, who became first woman appointed to the Supreme Court of Canada.


Dwight Wilson, 106 – War veteran, who signed up at age 15 as a bugler in the 9th Mississauga Horse and fought in the First World War.

Scott Thorkelson, 49 – Former Conservative MP from Edmonton, of a heart attack.

Bobby Ash, 82 – Known as „Uncle Bobby,” he starred in „The Uncle Bobby Show,” which was popular with children in the 1960s and 1970s, of a heart attack.


Jean Gauvin, 61 – Former New Brunswick cabinet minister in the Conservative government of Richard Hatfield.

John Ostashek, 71 – Former Yukon government leader.

Richard Bell, 61 – Rock musician, who played with The Band and Janis Joplin, of multiple myeloma.

Peter Liba, 67 – Former 22nd lieutenant-governor of Manitoba.

William Hutt, 87 – Star of the Stratford Festival, widely considered one of the world’s finest Shakespearean actors, winner of the Governor General’s Lifetime Achievement Award in Performing Arts in 1992, of leukemia.


Ed Mirvish, 92 – theatre impresario and flamboyant businessman simply known as „Honest Ed,” owner of the Royal Alexander Theatre and the Princess of Wales Theatre in Toronto, and member of the Order of Canada.

Bluma Appel, 67 – Founder of the Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research, and patron of the arts, officer of the Order of Canada, of lung cancer.

Margaret Avison, 89 – Poet, winner of the prestigious Griffin Poetry Prize for „Concrete and Wild Carrot,” and officer of the Order of Canada.


Elaine Campbell, 82 – lyricist, who co-wrote the lyrics for the popular musical „Anne of Green Gables.”

Sam Pollock, 81 – Built a hockey dynasty as vice-president and general manager of the NHL Montreal Canadiens in 1960s and 1970s, member of the Order of Canada, of cancer.

Richard Bradshaw, 63 – General director of the Canadian Opera Company, who conducted more than 60 operas, of a heart attack.

Elmer MacFadyen, 64 – Former Prince Edward Island cabinet minister, of a heart attack.

Carol Isfeld, 68 – Created the „Izzy Doll,” a peacekeeping tool used around the world.

Roch La Salle, 79 – Former federal Conservative cabinet minister in the government of Brian Mulroney.

Keith Knight, 51 – Actor, perhaps best-known for his role as counsellor-in-training Larry Finklestein in the film „Meatballs,” of brain cancer.

Jack McKeag, 79 – Former lieutenant-governor of Manitoba.

Edouard Gagnon, 89 – Roman Catholic cardinal of Montreal, raised to the post by Pope John Paul II in 1985, who tried to resolve the case of rebel Archbishop Marcel Lefebrve.

Doug Riley, 62 – celebrated arranger and keyboardist, known as „Doctor Music,” of a heart attack.


David Lancashire, 76 – Canadian reporter, who was the first North American journalist to report from mainland China after the 1949 revolution, of a heart attack.

Brett Somers, 83 – Canadian-born actress and comedian, who amused game show fans with her quips on the „Match Game,” of stomach and colon cancer.

Al Hosick, 66 – Former president of the Canadian Professional Golf Association and the Ontario Golf Association, of cancer.

Ken Danby, 67 – Realist painter, best known in Canada for his iconic hockey painting „At The Crease,” of an apparent heart attack while on a canoeing trip.

Patrick Bourque, 29 – Former bass player for the Canadian country music band Emerson Drive, of suicide.

Lois Maxwell, 80 – Canadian-born actress, who starred as Miss Moneypenny in 14 James Bond movies, of cancer.


Bill Boss, 90 – Last of The Canadian Press’s Second World War correspondents, of pneumonia.

Robert Goulet, 73 – Baritone singer who launched his career in Canada then took Broadway by storm as Sir Lancelot in „Camelot,” while waiting for a lung transplant.

Nick Weslock, 89 – Legendary amateur golfer and member of Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame, who won seven Ontario opens and four Canadian Amateurs.


Suzanne Aucoin, 37 – Outspoken advocate for improved health care for cancer patients, of colorectal cancer.

Joseph Antonio Charles Lamer, 74 – 16th chief justice of Canada, of heart problems.

Mel Tolkin, 94 – Former head writer for Sid Caesar’s „Your Show of Shows” and „Caesar’s Hour,” of heart failure.

Jane Rule, 76 – Acclaimed novelist and lesbian role model, of liver cancer.

Harry Dowsett, 86 – Second World War veteran and one of 55 Canadians to receive the Legion of Honour Medal from the French government.


Jake Gaudaur, 87 – Former commissioner of the Canadian Football League, who put the league on a more solid financial footing through radio and television deals, of prostate cancer.

Norval Morrisseau, 75 – Aboriginal painter once called „the Picasso of the north,” and a member of the Order of Canada, of Parkinson’s disease.

Jacques Hebert, 84 – Former senator, founder of Canada World Youth and the Katimavik youth volunteer program, Officer of the Order of Canada, Knight of the Ordre de la Pleiade, nominated for 2002 Nobel Peace Prize, after a long illness.

Don Chevrier, 69 – First TV voice of the Toronto Blue Jays, of complications from a blood disorder.

Gerald Le Dain, 83 – Former Supreme Court of Canada justice and Companion of the Order of Canada, who led a well-regarded but little-heeded commission on the non-medical use of drugs.

William Sauder, 81 – Businessman, who helped develop B.C.’s forest industry and ran International Forest Products, a former chancellor of the University of British Columbia, of complications from a heart attack.

Ted Bowerman, 77 – Former Saskatchewan cabinet minister in the NDP government of premier Allan Blakeney, in a two-vehicle crash.

Oscar Peterson, 82 – Icon of jazz piano, noted technician and composer, celebrated for a swinging approach, who left behind a legacy of more than 100 recordings filled with virtuosity, of kidney failure.



  1. Cancerul locul unu, in topul asta morbid.
    Atacul de inima locul 2 .

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